Ultimate Breakfast Program - Choose your favourite flavours

Ultimate Breakfast Program - Choose your favourite flavours

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Congratulations, for choosing the Ultimate Breakfast Program! If you are like us, You are going to love this program! We are certain that the Ultimate Healthy Breakfast program will provide you with everything you need to start the day in the healthiest way! Giving you the energy and keeping your appetite under control until the early afternoon.           

Start your day with a hot thermo tea, which is a perfect replacement to regular tea and coffee. We love to add fresh lemon juice to the original, but you could add a capful of the Mango aloe for example. Or even choose a completely different flavour like the raspberry (as my father in law does).    

Choose from one of the nine delicious options of Formula 1.  Mix this in water / juice / a milk alternative. You will find that the variation of flavours you can achieve with the shakes you have chosen is endless.Particularly with the vanilla -as it can be used simply as a vanilla cream flavour, or you can add a flavour to it eg coffee, fresh strawberries or any flavoured soy / almond milk etc. 

The Aloe mango concentrate mixes easily in water. Even, as mentioned earlier, in hot water, and can be drunk at anytime during the day. We personally like to drink a glass of it first thing in the morning, and last thing at night as we find that it helps with settling the stomach and digestion. 

The Oat Apple Fibre is a combination of 6 natural soluble and insoluble fibre sources - apple, oat, maize, citrus, chicory and soya and provides 5g of fibre per serving. It can be mixed with water, or with your favourite Formula 1 shake.

Choose the multi vitamin that is suitable for you -  male/ female. The extra vitamins will help to support the system which is under stress when exercising. These are taken in the morning and evening as directed on the bottle.

This Program Includes 

Formula 1 Vanilla 

Vanilla Protein Drink

Oat Apple Fibre

Aloe Vera Mango Concentrate 

Herbal Tea Beverage

Multi Vitamin Complex


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