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Welcome to the ‘Join the Team’ page.

Penny and I are really pleased that you’re here, checking out ‘joining the team’.

WHO EXACTLY ARE TONY & PENNY WING? From backgrounds of sales & marketing and graduating university, we have built a team of many thousands around the world pursuing better health and wealth.

So, let’s get started:

You’ve probably clicked on this page for one of two reasons:

  1. You’ve decided you’re going to use Herbalife and would like to know how you can buy the products at the best discount.
  2. You’ve recognised the opportunity to earn an extra income and would like to know more. For example, how to get started?

So, if you’re sat in the #1 group, you may, at this point, want to skip straight through to the ‘Getting started’ section. Here you will find out exactly what you need to do to start with the best possible discount.

If you’re a #2’er then read on to learn more about how you can join the team or simply, skip the blurb and head to the Getting started section.



Firstly, allow me to explain what happened to us. We started using the Herbalife products many years ago and at the SAME time joined the business as a solution to both our sluggish health issues and our poor financial situation. Meaning, at the same time as experiencing increasing health benefits, we could also help people get the best nutrition in the easiest, most cost-effective way possible, and offer the same financial opportunity to others. We believe Herbalife Nutrition offers extraordinary and unique possibilities in both these areas.

So, in a world full of poor food and breakfast choices, obesity, and poor knowledge of health and wellbeing, there is obviously a huge demand and opportunity. This opportunity first and foremost is to deliver the BEST nutritional solution, with advice, guidance, and support and then to earn profits from doing so, creating a positive ‘win-win’ for all concerned.

It’s a simple business but not always easy, it’s like all things of real value, it’s going to need hard work, but it’s worth it. You’re going to learn about the products, the Herbalife lifestyle, nutrition, and marketing. What I can promise you is that if you put in the effort, it’s hugely rewarding and you have the potential to earn an impressive extra income to unlimited amounts, some of which will be passive, that can give you a retirement income and even be passed down to your family. Within our team alone we have many members earning a £10,000 - £15,000 - £20,000 and more per month. It wasn’t built overnight, but it’s possible, at any age, in any part of the country, or world.

• 7 out of 10 visits to the doctors are due to poor nutrition (WHO)

• The UK has the highest level of obesity (NHS)

• In England 24.8% of adults are obese and 61.7% are either overweight or obese

• Herbalife Nutrition is 42 years old, and now stocked in 95 countries

• The company turned over US$7.5Billion in 2020

• The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Imagine yourself with a constantly growing income, which in turn becomes a growing retirement income and something you can even pass down to your family! In our team alone we have many members earning a £10,000 - £15,000 - £20,000 and more per month. It wasn’t built overnight, but it’s possible, at any age, in any part of the country, or world.

We have successful team members with decades of experience across many different countries, backgrounds, and cultures with a wealth of experience. Led by us, you will have untold amounts of business support and product knowledge.

So how does it work? Herbalife is not sold in supermarkets or over the counter. Over 40 years ago Herbalife made a conscious decision that they wanted to deliver a real solution to the world and simply selling products from a shelf would not work. Consumers need support, guidance, and someone to be accountable to for their hard-work and results, hence, network marketing. We all become advocates for the business and the brand, we use the products, we sell them, and we support those who buy from us.

• Sponsorship

You can only join through a sponsor. Effectively we invite those people who we feel will be great for the brand.

• Training & Support

Our team and us provide support and guidance on the products, business, and marketing for your route to success. Webinars/Zooms, phone calls, WhatsApp, Facebook/Instagram, live events, etc.

• Business Begins

You will begin your business and grow through the ranks, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. At each level you earn more profit, you can earn bonuses and even earn Free holidays!

• The Only Way is Forward

What we love about the business is the fact that our business can only grow if we help others succeed. So, we have a vested interest in helping you. Personally, we love this win- win situation. It promotes the development of ‘healthy’ business, entrepreneurship, and a desire to help people become successful, improve their health, provide for their families, AND grow a solid business. Ultimately, you could build a team and business bigger than ours, which we would welcome!


The Herbalife Marketing Plan: A Physical Example

Firstly, you’ll need to understand the unique sales proposition that Herbalife products offer, which will be available to you once you’re registered. The general outline is: people struggle to eat a healthy diet because of a lack of time, cost and knowledge. These three challenges are covered by offering a very simple nutritionally balanced, scientifically based meal replacement for breakfast (or other meals) every day. With the Herbalife nutrition program options, you will have a simple solution to solving these issues that people are struggling with daily.

We attract customers through personally using the product and getting our own personal result with them. Then we share both our own product results, and other results of customers we know of, with our circle of influence (friends and family). We invite each potential customer to have a one-to-one (virtual or physical) chat, during which we encourage them to get started by offering them a solution to their health goals. We then follow them up regularly to ensure they are taking the product correctly and achieving THEIR goals. As their confidence grows and they feel/see their health results, we can then show them the business model.

Content for your marketing will be your product knowledge, your own experience/results from using the products yourself, imagery which you can find online and/or by taking snaps yourself, and of course a vast amount of information available to download! Much has been done for you! With this content you’ll attract potential clients, engage with them so they become your customer, or your team member, selling products with you as part of your team. Examples of this are in your business starter pack.

The above is a very basic explanation of some of what’s involved in creating a successful business. You are in business for yourself not by yourself, as we’ll be coaching you every step of the way. This has become our passion, and we believe with the right training and support this is a way for anybody to improve their health and wealth!


Your next step is to purchase the Herbalife Member Starter Pack

Purchase the Herbalife Member Pack (HMP) and, when you receive it, fill in the simple registration form inside. On the top of this form is your unique member number. Once completed email or send that form to the Company, and you are ready to go. With this number you’ll be able to immediately purchase all future products at a MINIMUM of 25% discount.

Documents both inside the HMP and online will expand on the Marketing plan and your roadmap to success. As well all the products and great ideas on how to get going.

Also, inside your Herbalife Member Pack you will find a tub of our Formula 1 Meal Replacement (vanilla flavour). This is the worlds #1 meal replacement shake!

Please Note:

That if you’re purchasing your Herbalife Member Pack to get the best possible discount on your product order - FABULOUS! We will be in touch with you to invite you to join our customer support group. We’ll detail exactly how you’ll get started and schedule a follow-up call. We’re on this journey together. (You don’t need to read any further if you so wish) Click the link to the Herbalife Member Pack and let’s get started!

Starter Pack

If you’re purchasing your Herbalife Member Pack to get started on building a home - based business, AWESOME!

We will be in touch to invite you to our customer page as well as to an online Herbalife Opportunity Meeting (HOM) or a real-life (in-person) HOM (if there is one in your area) so you can get your business off to a quick start! There is enough information in the HMP to understand how our business works and how to get started. However, once you’ve attended a meeting (could be online or offline) you’re going to have some clearer ideas of your own of how you might want to move forward. We’ll begin plotting your first steps in the marketing plan and achieving your first sales. We’ll be helping you all the way to Supervisor, Tabulator team and beyond, as much as we can! Don’t worry if you don’t understand these terminologies right now - you soon will do! Purchase your Herbalife Member Pack here and let’s get started!


So, to recap; Below is listed just some of the support you’ll get when you join the team whether as a VIP Customer or Business Builder.

  1. Personal phone call to get started
  2. Free online team training events
  3. Free MENTOR
  4. Free access to Herbalife online training/s
  5. Free setup of your very own Herbalife online shop
  6. Join to The Bliss Nutrition Facebook support groups

    We are looking forward to meeting you and to getting you started on YOUR Journey to becoming healthier and wealthier!

    Tony and Penny X