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About us

Hello, and welcome to Bliss Nutrition - a website that we have designed to introduce to you the simplest, tastiest, and best of all ‘results guaranteed’ out of all nutrition regimes to follow : Herbalife Nutrition.

Who are ‘we’?

We’re Tony and Penny Wing, Independent Distributors of Herbalife Nutrition. We both experienced positive health changes after taking the Herbalife Nutrition products to get ourselves back into shape in 1986. The remarkable changes we experienced motivated us to make the conscious ‘no-brainer’ decision to continue taking them. We even decided that we would become a Distributor with the company. Sharing our results and introducing the products to everyone we met, then watching each person as they also changed their health, energy and shape gave us a sense of value and purpose.

Our Product Stories – by Penny

As mentioned above, Tony and I were introduced to Herbalife in October 1986. At that time, I had just finished studying Physical Education at Birmingham University and as far as I was concerned, I was in good shape (although, strangely enough, I had a wicked sweet tooth, drank far too much coffee, and lacked energy!) Meanwhile, Tony, a PTI (Physical Training Instructor) in the British Army, had come to the realisation that he didn’t like taking orders and decided to leave the Forces and look for opportunities where he could be his own boss. He started a sales job spending more than half of his week driving up and down the country grabbing quick snacks and drinks while he was on the move. He was eating late and definitely not getting enough exercise. One moment he was super fit and in great shape, the next, his six pack was a distant memory. So, when we were initially shown the Herbalife Nutrition products (and the opportunity), I encouraged Tony to be the ‘guinea pig’ and to try the product first; after all, he did need to lose the extra tyre and I didn’t – haha! Tony was concerned that he might struggle with hunger or have to cut out his favourite foods, however, to his amazement he found that that was not the case. I watched as his energy came back, and how he shaped up over 10 short weeks. As if that wasn’t enough, he found that he was sleeping a whole lot better too.

I couldn’t help but be impressed by Tony’s results. I thought ‘ok, perhaps I should try the products too’. I was not disappointed! I also shaped up, my sweet tooth and ‘coffee addiction’ disappeared into thin air, and my energy levels…. Wow! We were surprised that the shakes were so simple to make and so tasty, and best of all, they satisfied our appetites, keeping us feeling fuller for longer than eating a ‘normal’ meal would. We also felt energised unlike the feeling after a meal when the body goes into the digestive process and we get tired and sluggish. How we felt when taking the Herbalife shakes, and the results that we achieved, was undeniable - hence, we made the simple calculation to continue taking them - along with all the other supplements.

Winding forward from this introduction to Herbalife Nutrition back in 1986. Our breakfast every day has been and still is, yes, the Herbalife Thermo Tea, followed by the Formula 1 shake, the apple fibre, the protein drink mix, multi vitamin, and aloe... We call this the ‘STAMP’ program…. We have ‘shaked and buzzed’ hundreds, no, thousands of Herbalife shakes/smoothies in every flavour you can imagine, in countless places and conditions. In addition, we use the products after our favourite outdoor activities, sports and workouts for recovery. I even continued to use them to support my health through two wonderful pregnancies and then to get back into shape quickly. My daughters, who now have their daughters, did the same. In fact, I am pleased to say that the whole family, younger and older, love and appreciate the health and nutritional support they get from the products.

On a side note, all of the Herbalife Nutrition products are backed by science, and we are proud to say that the Formula 1 Healthy Meal is the #1 Meal Replacement in the world! Why is that? Because it’s actually a ‘meal’ in a low calorie, highly nutritious form, that ‘feeds the bodies needs’. It tastes GREAT too - which is good news! Swapping those breakfast cereals or toast for the ‘STAMP’ program was and still is a no-brainer!

Quite often we will drink a shake for lunch too. In our opinion and experience it’s an ‘ideal fast meal’ for a small child, older children, growing teenagers, adults and then throughout life. Whether you are looking to shape up and release the inner goddess/god, you’re a weekend warrior, a serious athlete or someone simply looking for a tried and tested nutritional support program – these products are well worth introducing to your daily routine.

We invite you to take the leap and personally experience the magic of the Herbalife Nutrition products. Go on, treat yourself!

Here’s to your good health.