Aloe Concentrate - Mango Flavour : VEGAN : 10 Day Healthy Marathon

Aloe Concentrate - Mango Flavour : VEGAN : 10 Day Healthy Marathon

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Our Herbal Aloe Concentrate, is extracted from the central part of the Aloe leaf, and is a refreshing drink containing 40% Aloe Vera gel. Because it is one of our carefully controlled ‘Seed to Feed’ products, it means that we can follow each step of the manufacturing process from growing the Aloe Vera plants to bottling the concentrate. When added to give water, the Aloe Concentrate gives it a refreshing citrus twist.

Key Benefits

Contains 40% Aloe Vera juice derived from the Aloe Vera leaf, and only 22 kcal per 15ml serving
How can Aloe Concentrate support You? 
It's not difficult to find articles that explain about the soothing effects of aloe when applied topically (on the skin) or ingested. Soothing and aiding digestion, possibly even soothing the pain of ulcers and other internal disorders - as in case of one of my customers who had severe cystitis.  (disclaimer here - her results are personal) 
In addition, whether trying to control your weight or leading a busy and active lifestyle, it can be hard to ensure you give your body the required daily fluid intake of 2 litres each day. By adding the Herbal Aloe Concentrate to your glass, or jug of water, you will find an ideal way to enjoy a healthy, refreshing and great tasting drink, helping you to increase your fluid intake. 

Mix 1 or 2 capfuls (15-20ml) with 125ml of water


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